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Depression Specialist

Darren Wirtz, D.O. -  - Internist

Adult Medicine Specialists of Las Vegas

Darren Wirtz, D.O.

Internist & Aesthetics located in Las Vegas, NV

At Adult Medicine Specialists of Las Vegas, Dr. Darren Wirtz specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, depression and many other conditions that have physiological effects on the body. The doctor and his staff serve patients who live in and around the Las Vegas, Nevada, area.

Depression Q & A

What are Common Signs of Depression?

Depression can take many forms. A few of the most common signs include extreme fatigue, lack of self-esteem, poor hygiene, inability to concentrate or focus on the task at hand, and feelings of low self-worth. Individuals who are depressed often have other health conditions as well. Obesity, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia are just a few health conditions that can cause a person to become depressed or lack the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle. Depression can also be the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. If a person begins to exhibit any of the symptoms on a regular basis, schedule an appointment with the doctor to get to the bottom of the problems.

What are the Physiological Effects of Depression on the Body?

Depression not only affects the mind, it also has physiological effects on the body. When a person is depressed it can decrease the effectiveness of the body's immune system, cause the digestive system to become sluggish, and eventually slow down the body's metabolism. When all of these factors begin to work together, it can lead to weight gain, stomach upset, headaches, and many other physiological conditions that can damage the health. If a person is allowed to remain depressed, their entire body may become affected as they become less active. The effects of depression on the body can be reversed if the necessary steps are taken to improve the person's outlook.

Does Exercise Help to Fight Depression?

When a person is depressed, they begin to feel sluggish and their metabolic rate drops. As their metabolic rate drops, so does their energy levels. Exercise can help to reverse this. The more a person begins to move and exercise, the more energy they have. As their energy levels increase, so will their metabolic rate. The key, however, is the release of endorphins in the brain. As a person exercises, chemicals are released into the brain that elevates mood and causes a person to feel happy. As the release of these endorphins continue, the person's overall outlook also improves. Although this may not cure their depression, it does give them a boost and will make them feel better than before.

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